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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Blooms on the Classroom Tree

Today I spent some extra time adding all of the extra blossoms to the classroom tree, and ended up with this:

While is doesn't match the trees outside that are currently covered in blossoms, it definitely gives the idea of spring blooms.

I ended up doing a lots of groupings around each branch.

It's amazing that even after putting up 19 strands of flowers I still want to add more, but this will have to do.  Soon enough it will be time to add leaves again, so I will leave the flowers alone for now.


  1. Julie,

    If you get this I am a preschool teacher and I would love to do a tree in my reading garden.How did you get it to stick on the wall? Did you use staples or tape? How did you get it to puff out? And is the brown paper a continuation just one long strip of paper? my contact email is koolmisfitmom@comcast.net. My name is Maria

    1. Maria - sorry it has taken me so long to respond, but I've been actually busy writing a tutorial for making a classroom tree! It is finished and should be in my teaching stores this afternoon. However, let me answer your questions directly. I attached the trunk of the tree to the wall with duct tape (under the paper) and the paper parts of the tree with staples and tacks. I also tied some of the branches to the metal frame of the ceiling with yarn. It's puffed out because the limbs are "stuffed" with extra paper. The brown paper is actually three pieces - each piece covers a part of the trunk, and then forms one of the main branches. If you are interested, check out the tree tutorial. It is very detailed, and I hope it will be very helpful.