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Sunday, March 25, 2012

18 Fun Ways to Create Learning Experiences with Muffin Tins

This is the first in my new series of "Wait!  Don't throw away that    (insert object here)   ".  It's intended to highlight objects that you might ordinarily throw away that you might could really use in preschool.  Or more likely, objects that other people in your family might throw away, since most preschool teachers I know don't throw away anything.

If you are a yard saler, you can think of these posts as "Wait!  Don't overlook that ________." with yar dsales in mind.  Sometimes it just takes a new perspective to see ojects that you might ordinarily overlook in a new light.

This week we are talking about muffin tins.  A week or so ago I was doing my usual yard sale perusing when I noticed a few muffin tins at a sale.  There they sat, rejected and alone.  I must confess that I left them in this sad state, as I did not pick them up and buy them.  However, once I got home I started thinking of what you can do with muffin tins, and after spending some time on Pinterest I had a wealth of ideas.

Of course, yard sales are not the only place to get muffin tins - just the main place to get them cheap.  You can also buy very nice muffin tins at Dollar Tree and for more than that at any other regular store.

So wherever you get your muffin tins, here are 18 fun things to do with muffin tins at preschool:


  1. great ideas! I pinned this post and shared it on fb. =)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for including us! This is such a FUN post.

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