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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bubble Wrap Butterflies in Preschool

This past week was Letter B for the Little People.  Letter B is one of my most favorite weeks, as it comes in the spring and lends itself well to learning about bees, butterflies and bugs.  I had also been saving bubble-wrap forjust this week, and decided at the last minute to combine several b-words and make  Bubble Wrap Butterflies.

I folded my bubblewrap in half and cut out some butterflies.  Mine fit nicely on a 12 x 18" piece of construction paper. I used a little bit of regular glue to adhere the butterflies to the background paper to keep it from sliding around during painting.

With our butterflies the size that they were, I worried that I would need some really dedicated painters to fill the entire shape with paint.  However, that didn't seem to be a problem at all, as most of the Little People really seemed to enjoy painting the entire thing.  (Surprisingly enough, only a few kids got distracted by trying to pop the bubbles.) After the kids painted them, we put a white page of construction paper on top and the kids rubbed on it to make the butterfly print.

When the prints were done, I cut around the printed shape before we put them up on the wall.

I also saved the bubblewrap shapes as well, and was delighted to discover how nice the look up on our windows.  Despite the fact that they were lightly glued to the background paper, they pulled right off and now decorate our room on every window.


  1. Cute idea! Our insects week is coming up and I just might have to use this idea!

  2. That's an awesome art using Bubble wrap. It looks cool if all children would do that. I think I can use it at the daycare to enhance the children's artistic views.