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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Organizing Teacher Materials

 I had a mini "changing of the guard" this afternoon in the garage as I switched out some of my already-used unit boxes for some of the ones coming up in the next few weeks.

I only have one large shelf unit (in the garage) where I keep my most used items, which means the unit boxes that a)are coming up soon or b)are just finished (because I inevitably find bits and pieces of unit materials for awhile after I finish a unit).  The rest of my boxes I keep in a loft storage space in the garage, so I have to rotate them from time to time.

I also keep a box in the garage labeled "Things to File in Teachers Boxes" for those times I find something (or purchase something) that belongs in a unit box up in the garage storage area so I don't have to keep going up to those boxes.  When the "Things to File" box gets full, it's time to go to the off-season boxes and put everything away.

Today I sent up Valentine's Day and Winter and Community Helpers.  I had to add another Valentine's box since for some reason I had more things than I did when I first pulled the boxes down a few months ago. (Strange how that happens...)

 Down came Bunnies and Baskets and Signs of Spring and Pets and Farms.

I really do enjoy my Theme Box labels.  These shown here in the picture are my old ones, before I got all my fun new digital clip art.  I have since made all new ones that I put up for sale in my Teachers Notebook and TeachersPayTeachers stores.   They help me keep all like items together, and even when that fails, they  they look good as I pull the car out of the garage every day...

Here are a few of the new Theme Box Labels:

You can purchase them here and here, at only $2.00 for the set.

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