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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Tribute to Pete the Cat

Have you met Pete the Cat yet?  Pete is this groovy kitty that is the main character in several recent kids' books. 

He first appeared in this book:

The best part of the book (as with all the Pete the Cat books) is the song that goes with it.

As you might imagine, the Little People love it.  In fact, it took about one run through of the book and song combination before all the Little People were clamoring for more Pete the Cat on a daily basis.   I even put the link to the song in our school newsletter, and soon kids and parents alike were singing the song.

When I saw this past fall that Pete had a new book, I admit that I was skeptical.  Despite that fact that Pete had basically attained Rock Star status in our classroom, I just didn't believe that the second book could be as good as the first.  Call me a Sequel Skeptic if you will.

However, when the morning teacher brought the book in a few weeks ago I figured we would give it a go.   I downloaded the song on my phone and let the Little People listen.  As soon we heard it and the Little People started singing along, I saw the error of my ways, as the second Pete the Cat song was truly as fun as the first.

It was only a few after that I hopped on Amazon.com and ordered the second book - and the third, which just came out.  

In addition, I ordered a stuffed Pete the Cat, who now lives in our classroom (when he's not hanging out at my house).   And then I made him a yellow jacket with four groovy buttons that the Little People could remove while we sang the song. Because I was all in, Pete the Cat-wise.

Because where Pete the Cat is concerned (in my opinion), it's all good.


  1. Hey Julie!
    I am so excited about finding your blog!! I've been searching for Pete the Cat's jacket and can't find it on your site! Are you sold out? I really want to buy one to go with my plush cat I just ordered! My email is katcurlee@gmail.com if you want to communicate via email!


  2. Hi Julie,
    I am interested in buying a jacket for Pete the Cat. Are you still selling them?



  3. Hi Julie, I love your Pete the Cat jacket. I'd like to buy 2 or 3 depending on price. Please let me know if you are selling them still.

  4. Hi, Julie!
    I would LOVE a yellow jacket for Pete.....I have a Pete fan club in my pre-k classroom! They love him! I have researched for days to find a jacket for Pete with no luck.....if you could sell me one, it would be an answer to my prayers! Thanx! Laura