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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh, all the Teacher Stuff...

I've been spending a some time in my garage lately...working with the teacher stuff.  Not too much time, mind you, because it's very hot right now where I live and the garage becomes officially uninhabitable after, say, 7:05 every morning.  Well, actually it's okay after that if you have several fans on out there, but eventually I just find myself standing one spot to absorb as much air as possible, which is not terribly productive....

But I digress.  I'm sure I'm not the only teacher who gets overwhelmed by all of that Teacher Stuff.   Especially at the end of the school year, when I find myself loading up my van with all the odds and ends that I've carried up the classroom over the months.

However, I've come to believe Teacher Stuff if pretty much necessary if you want to be a good preschool teacher.  Even if you have a school district that stocks your classroom well (which I do), there is still extra stuff for sorting and for counting, and for dressing up in...

Therefore, I think that a lot of the issue behind the Teacher Stuff is how to manage it - not whether we should have it at all.

So over the next few days I'm going to talk about organizing the Teacher Stuff - what I find works and what I find does not.

Here's my plan for the next few days:
Day #1: My Teaching Unit Numbering System, which I inherited from my mom (Thanks mom)
Day #2:  My Unit Boxes
Day #3: How to make lesson plans to maximize the use of the Stuff you have
Day #4:  Suggestions for sharing a classroom with another teacher

Hope you'll stop by the next few days!

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