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Monday, December 3, 2012

A New Week In Preschool

It was a pretty good Monday in Preschool today, all things considered.  We had kind of a crazy week last week with all of the rain and inside-ness, but we were able to go outside today.  Everyone seemed to be in a fairly good and docile mood, which of course always helps things along.

One of my Little People did start their school day off to a little bit of a late start, due to his little brother having a "Terrible Two" episode.  It turns out that little Johnny picked up his 6-week old sister from where she was napping on the couch - and put her in the (thankfully unlit) fireplace.  So, while our day started off pretty well, it wasn't that way so much for little Johnny - and the baby, of course.

We largely went about our day normally, dawdling on our way to lunch and saying things on the playground  like, "No, I really don't think worms like going down the slide."

We're talking about the letter T and Teddy Bears, so we have all sort of fun things of bear things ahead of us.

In fact, here are a bunch of bears from our house, getting ready to travel to school tomorrow.  The bears live in a cabinet in our house that unfortunately smells a little old, so they always need a good airing and Febreze-ing when they emerge from their in-cabinet hibernation.

In general, I have high hopes for the week ahead.   As do the bears, who get to live in the sunshine - and fresh air for awhile.

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