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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shape Bugs in Preschool

Before we left school for Spring Break, we spent a lot of time talking about things that start with the Letter B.  One reason for this is that  B was the letter that we were talking about.  The other reason for this is that this time of the year just lends itself to "B" things:  Bugs, Butterflies, Bunnies, and Baskets.

When talking about bugs, we did a lot of talking about how many body parts and legs bugs have, and how they're different from spiders and other non-bugs.   We tried our best to catch some bugs on the playground, but alas, we could not find any.

We did, however, make Shape Bugs.  I set out a bunch of different paper shapes, along with some glue, paper reinforcement stickers, sticky dots and markers.  I also accordion-folded some paper strips for legs.   When I introduced the center I talked to them about bugs having three body parts and six legs, but any number of eyes.  Then I let them at it.

When we were done, we had some wonderful bugs:

I love it when the Little People combine their own designs with the things that they're learning.  The result is the perfect mix of creativity and knowledge.

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