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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sitting Outside on the "Pants Blanket"

Despite a few super-hot days over this past weekend, we have had very nice weather this week at preschool.  Everyone enjoyed being outside, and it was especially pleasant in the shade.

Today I brought out what I call my "jean quilt" to spread out under one of the trees.  This is a heavy blanket made from old jeans that our family used to wear.  I brought it out for a day or two a few weeks ago and then took it home, thinking that the Little People weren't so interested in using it.  However, then I had several questions from the Little People about where the "pants blanket" was, so I brought it back.

Today a set of Little People had a picnic on the blanket that soon turned into an busy animal exhibition.  The animals were brought over a few at a time until there was a whole menagerie frolicking on the quilt.

The good thing about the quilt is that it has pockets from the jeans still on it, which the Little People think is great fun.  You can't see it here, but today several of the baby animals napped in the pockets while the big animals played, because "they weren't afraid to be by themselves".

It's always interesting to me how a simple change of materials at school can bring about a completely different type of play.  It's also a reminder to me to continue to bring in and try new things to encourage new types ways of growing and learning.

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