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Monday, October 29, 2012

Playdough Spiders

Toward the end of Spider week, we had a day where we needed a new activity at center time, so I got out the playdough.  I had intended all week to make some purple playdough, which really makes no sense at all, since to the best of my knowledge, spiders are never purple.  However, this seemed like a good spider color.  (Plus, last year I made the most wonderful black playdough and the week that I put it out, several students had serious allergic reactions that could not be traced to any specific things.  As a result, black playdough now makes me nervous - and itchy.)  

However, last week was really a very busy week, so we just had to go with the playdough color that we had on hand - which was a pale pink.  After passing it out, I grabbed some pipe cleaners, asking if anyone needed spider lets for their playdough.  I was answered by a small chorus of "I do! I do!", so everyone got pipe cleaners.  Then I brought out the really fun stuff - large wiggly eyes.  Then I walked away to let them do as they wished.

But of course I came back for a peek - and here's what I found:

Spiders with lots of eyes:

Spiders with lots of legs:

Thick spiders with deep-set eyes:

And a snowman:

Which is good with me.  Spiders, snowmen...it's all good with the Little People.

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  1. You sum up it very nicely.
    It is all good with the little people..