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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Talking About Spiders in Preschool

This past week was "Spider Week" in our classroom.  I feel like I always say this, but "Spiders" is really one of my favorite units.  There are just so many fun things to do with spiders.

We call them "Friendly Spiders" to try to take some of the scariness from them.  Even so, some of the Little People can become quite unhinged by the whole spider concept.  In fact, I had one Little Person this year who did NOT want anything to do with the spiders.  We had to have a talk with the more spider-lovin' Little People about the fact that even though it might seem funny to make Johnny scream like - well, like a little girl when you crept up behind him with the rubber spiders in their hand, it was not at all appropriate.  If someone is scared of the spiders, we respect that by keeping the spiders away from them.

It really was a full week.  We read several spider books.  We sang spider songs.  We made all sorts of spiders out of all sorts of materials.  And we counted spider legs over and over, since the number eight is a great number to count to in October.

Over the next few days I'll tell you some of the fun spider things we did, before I move on to next week's theme - Pumpkins!

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