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Friday, September 7, 2012

Buying, Gathering and Scavenging for Preschool:Yard Sale Finds

In the "Buying, Gathering and Scavenging for Preschool" Category, this would fall under "Buying". But buying very cheaply, at that.

Like many preschool teachers, one of my favorite ways to find cheap things to my classroom is at yard sales.  There is absolutely no telling what you can find at these sales.

Here's what I found just a week ago that I thought was great:

Eleven blank receipt books just waiting to be filled in by the Little People at the Home Center.  Of course, they may never write a "receipt" with them.  They might taken an order, or send a letter, or any number of other things as they scurry about their little play lives.

The cost for hours of dramatic play fun?  $1.

Just what I love about yard sales:  fun and cheap.

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