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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One of those Basic Preschool Truths...

Today I am interupting my discussion of math ideas to bring you this Basic Preschool Truth:

I just made up this little sign to post in my classroom to remind myself of this truth on days like today.  You know, days when you find that the Little People will not stop talking/wiggling/spinning/socializing/fussing/lying down on the carpet.  When you feel like you've had enough of all of this inattentive behavior and you have decided that it's time they listen, and listen well.   That you will just wait until they are quiet.  Or perhaps you will just give them all the look and call them out one by one until they all settle down and sit meekly and quietly on the carpet.  Because they should, and they just need to learn that sometimes you just have to stop talking and sit quietly.

Yep, I had one of those days.  One of those days when I begin to wonder if there's a full moon or a cold front moving in, or if perhaps all the Little People ate sugar cubes for breakfast.  One of those days that I actually start to think that perhaps this is not the right profession for me, or if I perhaps am growing too old and feeble or just plain irritable to do this job.

Yes, that's the time that I need to see this sign.  I need to read it and decide that instead of trying to "make" them listen, I am instead going to start singing a song.  Or start reading one of their favorite books.  Or ask them to "Quick!  Touch your head!  Touch your back!  Touch your belly button!" until they are 100% with me.

Because while it is true that kids do eventually have to learn to sit still and listen,  trying to "force" 17 preschoolers to do this on the fourth week of school is kind of like forcing tadpoles to stop swimming and hop on land like frogs are supposed to.

So I will post this...and I will pay attention to it.

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