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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Balloon Wreath Re-Giveaway

Remember this balloon wreath from the Balloon Wreath Giveaway last week?  Well, I'm re-giving it away today.  Unfortunately I tried all week to find a way to contact last week's winner, but could not get in touch with her.

Therefore, I am redrawing:

This random number generator indicates that the new winner is Holly Thorwarth!  Holly, I will (hopefully) be getting in touch with you very soon to find out where to send your wreath!


  1. I was just signing on to try to get in touch with you again about winning the balloon wreath!!! I reposted to the pinterest link that you commented on, but hadn't heard back. So I guess I lose out on the giveaway? Thats a bummer. :(

  2. Oh, no - I'm so sorry! Yes, I after I did not hear back from you after the five days I felt that I needed to follow the giveaway rules and move on to the next person. Again, so sorry that it happened this way. I wish I had two wreaths to give away! Thanks, Julie

    1. I understand...I did repost under the pinterest post...and tried like crazy to post here...today was actually the first day I was able to log on and add a post. :( I was bummed when I saw that you were giving it away to someone else. Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be.