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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Five Little Snowmen Interactive Pocket Chart

Next week we're talking about "Seasons and Weather" with the Little People.   This is a unit that I usually do in January, but we ended up with an "extra" week between Thanksgiving and Fall, so in went Seasons and Weather.

When I first started teaching in California, I went about introducing winter to my students as I always had.  Which means cold, snow, snowmen, etc.  However, one day I began to worry that this was teaching the wrong idea to these California Little People, since it basically never snows here, and it's rarely really cold.  (My California friends beg to differ with me, but after years of living in really cold places, this weather is quite mild by comparison.)

However, I then learned that children living where I live experience snow by going "to to the snow" in the nearby mountains, where they frolic and play (the Eskimo way), and then they come back down to the flatland and go on about their business in their 60 degree winter.

After I learned this, I didn't worry about talking about snowy things, although we do spend a good amount of time talking about how winter really is here where we live.

All that to say that we will do this poem soon in our classroom.  Even if they rarely see snowmen, it's good to know that they still exist - and they melt in the sun.  It's almost like a science lesson for them:

This printable poem can be found as this set:

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