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Friday, November 9, 2012

Sorting out the Laptop Files

Well, I was able to have a new hard drive installed in my laptop this week, and tonight I'm sitting and doing some file transferring/sorting/cleaning.  Actually, I am finding this kind of enjoyable, especially as my son sits with me and we watch a "Duck Dynasty" marathon on TV.  (Yes, my new favorite show.)

In school this week we talked about foods, and ended the week by making Stone Soup.  It was a little bit labor-intensive, but also turned out to be a really fun experience.  

Next week we're going to talk about Fall Harvest.  Unfortunately, between now and then I have to write two papers for my Early Childhood Special Ed class (one had to be delayed from last weekend because of the laptop issue).

But tonight I'm just going to enjoy the sorting...and the Duck Dynasty-ing.

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  1. You know that Sarah is acquainted with the Duck Dynasty family, don't you? I think she went to school with some of them..