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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making Stone Soup in Preschool

I've been catching up on making some class books the past few days.  It seems like both October, November and December have a lot of activities that we like to make books out of.  Plus, the Little People love to read class books that have their pictures in them.

One that I finished today is the story of how we made Stone Soup last week.  This was a great activity.  We read the actual Stone Soup book first, and then talked about how we were going to make our own Stone Soup at the end of the week.  We told them that everyone could bring one thing to put in the soup.

The Little People were all over it, and it turned out wonderfully.  Here is our book describing the activity:

The way that I spelled "travellers" with two "l"s stresses me out a little bit, but apparently the British write it this way, so we'll just say it's jolly good.
These are pictures of them frowning and saying "No!"  They loved that part.

In hindsight, I really wish we had taken a picture of the stone in the pot.
Actually, some people said that they liked the stone/water combination just fine. (Oops, wrong answer.)  We tried to get them to see that while it tasted like fine water, it wasn't very good soup.
Every Little Person brought something for the soup.  I cooked the raw vegetables the night before we made the soup, and we put everyone's contribution in a cup so they could add it to the pot as we acted out the story (made the soup).

We also let those who brought bowls and crackers put some things in, too.
Remarkably, almost all of the Little People gave the soup a "thumbs up".  Yes, there were some "no, thank yous", but it was a very small percentage.

 Granted, it wasn't the prettiest class book I've ever made, but the Little People don't seem to care about that.  They only seem to care about seeing pictures of the day they made soup - and Stone Soup at that!

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  1. I know you've moved so I hope you get this -- I LOVE this idea, but I mostly wanted to tell you I think it's good you blocked your kids faces in the pictures. I think there is way too much picture sharing of other people's children without permission and it drives me crazy. End of rant :)