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Monday, August 6, 2012

Book Sale at the Library

You've got to love spontaneous, "we're getting ready of these" book sales at the library.  Especially when the hardback book are only 25 cents each.  Granted, it stands to reason if the library is giving books away, they are probably going to be worn or perhaps a little strange.

Regardless, I managed to find five good ones today that I brought home with me:

I will soon take off those crinkly plastic library covers that seem to befuddle the Little People and then put them with the other books that will go off to school soon.  

But before that I will label them with the proper Unit Number.  See, I've already virtually labeled them below:

The Giant Jam Sandwich gets a "120" for Food.
Black Dog Gets Dressed and Rrralph get "055" for Pets.
Round Trip gets an "075" for Day/Night.
Last but not least, The Red Book will most likely not get a label, but will instead go in with my Caldecott book collection.

Not bad for $1.25!

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