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Monday, August 6, 2012

Flashcard Banners for Classroom Decoration

Let the classroom decorating begin!!

Well, actually, let them begin next week, when I get my keys to my classroom back.  For now, though I am getting ready.

One type of classroom decorations that I have been working on this summer are flashcard banners.  I first started planning and making these when I was writing my tutorial "How to Decorate a Classroom Tree".  Even though I had a classroom tree in mind when I wrote this, the truth is that this e-book is full of fun classroom decorations for your students (and you to make).  

 One section is entitled "Flashcard Garlands", and I talk about how to turn old flashcards into fun classroom decorations:

I have made several variations of these garlands, and they are all going on the shelves of my teacher stores in the next few days.  

The Alphabet Flashcard Banner is one of my favorites, just because it is made of some older alphabet flashcards, along with some up-cycled wooden beads:

 This banner is 21 feet long.  The cards are strung on 1/4" red satin ribbon, with an assortment of wooden beads between each card.

You can find this banner for sale for only $12.00 (plus $3 shipping) here or here.

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