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Friday, January 13, 2012

Beware of the Yellow Snow...men

Here is another Winter thing that we had at school this week.  I got this idea from...can you guess?  Yes, Pinterest it was.  I thought these little magnet snowmen were such a good idea that I would try to make some myself.

Of course, I must admit that I didn't actually read the original instructions on how to make these cute little guys.  I just saw them and said, "Hey, I've got this."  And I kind of did, but in hindsight their way of doing it was much better than mine.

My way was to use a paper punch to cut out circles from white cardstock.  Then I drew the little snowmen faces on the white circles.  I then used glue to adhere clear flattened marbles to the snowman face.

Their way was to paint the snowmen faces onto the back side of the magnets.

Reason their way was better: Their snowmen faces were nice and crisp.  Mine - not so much, because I at first used a water-based marker to draw the carrot noses (because I did not have an orange Sharpie).  Unfortunately, regular marker + glue = complete carrot smudge.  Once I figured this out, I drew the noses with colored pencil, which still didn't get a very vivid result.

Then there were the flattened marbles.

Their way was to use smaller marbles.  Very cute and concise.

My way was to use the larger size of marbles.  Actually, they really are a nice size for the Little People.  They just feel more - substantial than the smaller ones.

Unfortunately, I decided to go cheap and get my marbles from the local dollar store.  I knew when I bought them that they weren't very clear, but unfortunately, once they were glued on and dry they were worse than clear:  they were yellow.

So sadly, my cute little snowmen magnets were now Yellow Snow Magnets, and we all know what Yellow Snow means.  They weren't even evenly yellow.  They all kind of have yellow streaks running through them, which make them look like they were - well, streaked with yellow.

However, perhaps the Little People do not know about the Yellow Snow, because most of them have never seen snow of any kind.  As a result, they played and played with them  today.

So remember, follow instructions on new projects, don't eat the yellow snow...and don't make snowmen out of them, either.

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