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Saturday, January 7, 2012

F is for Fish

This week was Letter F week.  That means that we talked and talked about the Letter F.  We had Letter F Show and Tell.  We talked about things that start with F.  Our theme this week was Food, so we talked about that, too.  We made Fingerprint Fishes and we Fingerpainted on Foil.  All and all, it was great Fun.

We did have several out this week from sickness.  In fact, my entire class could have been poster children for the health department and symptoms of the common cold, as every one of them was either stuffed up, sniffling, or coughing greatly.  No fevers, though, so that just meant that most everyone came to school and sniffled and coughed - everywhere.

On Thursday we had only sixteen, which gave us more of a chance to talk to everyone and hear their interesting stories.  Like the one from my little Wood Chip Thrower.

Of course the story came as I was talking about the letter F and what starts with F, and one of these was fish.

"I had a fish," he said.  "But it died."

"Oh," I said.  "That happens sometimes."

"Yes," he continued.  "It died - and then it popped."  He paused solemnly.  "My mom said I fed it too much food."

"Yes," I said, trying hard to keep a straight face.  "That happens sometimes."

So there you have it:  Fish die.  And then they pop - sometimes.

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