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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Locke

I brought Mr. and Mrs. Locke home from school today to introduce to you.  Not the real us, mind you, but the play kind.

At the end of every school day while waiting for their parents, the Little People play with these rubbery/gummy type people that represent a wide variety of cultures and abilities.  Not long after the school year started I started hearing them refer regularly to two of them as Mr. Locke and Mrs.  Locke.  I'm pretty sure my associate teacher named them thus, because the kids can't even seem to fathom that I actually ever leave the classroom, not to mention that I have a husband and kids somewhere else. 

Fortunately, these two figures are in high demand.  I hear them saying, "Where is Mr. Locke?" or "I want to have Mrs. Locke."  Which is of course way better than seeing Mr. or especially Mrs. Locke fly across the carpet as someone tries to get as far away from them as possible.

Anyway, the other day I decided to figure out which of these characters were the ones that actually represented us. 

Mr. Locke was easy:

 Not a terribly bad likeness, actually.  Although my Mr. Locke always wears very nice shoes and non-scuffed-up pants. 

Now, Mrs. Locke I had more trouble with.  All things considered, I'm guessing that the one they think looks most like Mrs. Locke is this one:

Obviously, there are more differences with this one.  Besides the fact that she is visually impaired and I am not, the other things that come to mind is that I would never wear pink pants, and she sadly looks kind of - plain - to me. 

She is also quite clumsy.  Look, here she is after she fell off of the bench on the front porch into the flower basket full of spider webs:

The one I wanted the Little People to think looked like me is much cuter.  Here she is:

She is obviously much prettier.  But she also is not without her issues.  For one, she seems unable to stand up by herself, which led Mr. Locke to lie on the ground behind her to hold her up.  Kind of like the wind beneath her wings - except more like the support behind her heels.  Which is all very endearing until you remember that she's not actually me.

So, as I mentioned, a Mr. and Mrs. Locke kind of like the real things, but actually not at all. 

I suppose that as long as they're not throwing us across the carpet in disgust, it's all good.

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