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Saturday, January 7, 2012

It Might Be a Roller Coaster...Or it Might Be a Train Wreck

Well, remember when I talked about the "Little People Adjustment Rollercoaster"?  Well, this  is how the roller coaster looked today.  More, in fact, like a train wreck. 

Source: royarden.com via Gemma on Pinterest

Actually, the first part of the day wasn't too bad (except for the fact that they would not stop talking to me for a second ("Teacher, teacher, teacher...").  But then just after Outside Time it took a quick dive downhill.  Of course, "After Outside Time" is the time when they're required to actually sit on the carpet and listen and - most of all - stop talking.  ("Teacher, teacher, teacher...") 
It was in fact a steep and sudden downward turn, and the Little People just loved it.  They threw their little hands in the air and screamed in delight as the Roller Coaster cars plummeted downward.  Their hair stuck straight up from their heads and their eyes rolled back in an ecstatic frenzy as it went faster and faster and grew more out of control.  The foamed at the mouth as they realized the strength and potential of their Little People Mutiny.  They held hands with their little Roller Coast Car Neighbors, cajoling even the calmer and more on-track students down into the abyss with them.  And all the way down they chanted in their high-pitched voices: 
("Teacher, teacher, teacher...") 
Oh, it was chaos.  And a very good reminder of why I don't like roller coasters.
The good news is that no one was harmed in the Roller Coaster Plummet.  Even the child who sat and on the carpet and angrily threw wood chips at me was not harmed. 
They all went on their merry way after school, wiping the foam and drool from their cheeks as they went.  And hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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