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Saturday, January 7, 2012


I recently stumbled across a great way to make capes for the Little People.  Of course, I discovered this on Pinterest, because I still can't seem to pull myself away from that site.

Anyway.  Here is how you make super-easy capes for Little People:

1) Buy a man's t-shirt at a yard sale.  I got mine for 25 cents, which I thought was a steal.

2 )Lay the t shirt down on the table, front side down.
3) Using scissors, cut from the side seam of the shirt up to the collar.

4)  Stop just as you reach the right and left edge of the collar, as shown:

5) Then open up the shirt as shown, and continue to cut around the collar.

6) Discard the rest of the shirt.  Or recycle it.

Voila!  You then have a very easy and cheap cape.

 7) Take the capes to school and let the Little People love them.

However, in your frenzy of cape-making, don't forget these two small details:  First, you will want to snip the front of the collar of each t-shirt with scissors and add Velcro to fasten the cut collar together.  If you do not, the longish cape can get caught in the wheels of a tricycle and pull on a child's neck, causing no small amount of neck redness - not to mention huge visions of liability issues to swarm before your eyes.

Also, don't skimp on the pink capes.  One is not enough.  In fact, is better not to put them out until you have more than one pink one.  Or perhaps a purple or yellow one, as well.

So there you - easy capes for the Little People.

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