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Saturday, January 7, 2012


I've been having a little spiderweb-making session at home this morning in preparation for school today.  I of course got this idea on Pinterest.  Here is the pin itself, with the link to the instructions:

Source: momendeavors.com via Julie on Pinterest

I thought this was a fun idea, so I decided to include it in this week's "Friendly Spiders" festivities. 

I could see right away that the pretzel webs would need to be preassembled, since I thought it would be tricky to add the webbage without some sort of stability.  (Actually, I really just imagined the scenario of a well-meaning Little Person brushing up against the pretzels while piping on the web and knocking the pretzels awry.  Then I repeated this mental picture in my head 21 times and decided to preassemble them.)

Therefore, I piped out a thick center of white chocolate to the wax paper and then added the pretzels.  I started with six pretzels, but quickly moved to eight.  The chocolate firmed up pretty quickly, and then I could stack them in my containers for the move to school.

In fact, here they are, ready for transport. 

Despite the fact that today is a little cooler, I still intend to shade them in the car and to not tarry on the way, since some strong sunlight could wreak havoc on their Web Stability.

After I got the webs ready, I started on the spiders.  The original website suggested raisins as a possibility as spiders, but I found that I didn't like this option.  Mainly because the raisin on the web didn't really look like a spider.   Well, perhaps like one of those spiders you find in the corner of your garage - dead and all rolled up in a spider ball.  Which was kind of a gross mental image, really.

Instead, I went with chocolate spiders.  And llet me tell you, the next time you're sitting at a church potluck and someone casually comments to you about how easy chocolate spiders are to make, you have my express permission to scoff at them and disagree.  I found them quite hard to make.  Especially when I was had the melted chocolate in the cheap sandwich baggies, and new holes kept opening up in the baggie.  It is truly hard to add only eight legs to a spider's body with three holes of chocolate oozing out.  Because we all know that 3 + 3 + 3 does not equal eight.

The result of the chocolate spider challenge was that I a)changed baggies to one of those heavier Ziploc bags, and b)made larger and larger spiders since they were easier to make anatomically correct.  The final result was spiders much closer to tarantula size, which might be alarming to any Little Person if they were made of anything other than chocolate.

However, I suppose that's the saving feature in all of this.  They're edible and are made largely of chocolate, so how can I go wrong?

As always, I'll let you know how it goes.

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