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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fro Pinterest to Real Life

**A note to readers - I have no idea why this post is looking so blockish and cattywampus.  I just know that when I copied some of the texts from my personal blog to this teaching blog, something weird happened in between.  Sorry.

Well, my Pinterest boards and pins are growing and growing.  Lately I've been finding lots of ideas for school, and have been organizing them into categories:  Art Ideas, Alphabet Ideas, etc.  

Apparently I'm not alone in my Pinterest obsession.  Lots of people like to Pin, and once I even saw a blog offering up a challenge for people to show what they actually made from all these ideas they were gleaning (which to me insinuates that lots of people Pin ideas that they never actually get to).

I didn't send in any projects for that challenge, but I have made several things from the ideas I've found. 

Here are some in my classroom:

A height chart:
Pinterest Version
My version.  I used this wonderful colored masking tape to mark the height lines, and it turned out really colorful. 

A balloon wreath:

Pinterest Version
My version.   I made different "Happy Birthday" tags and we put it out whenever someone has a birthday.  Unfortunately, the kids love to pull the balloons out, and I caught someone actually trying to blow one up one day (while it was still attached to the wreath).  They were - unsuccessful.

This project wasn't actually a Pinterest one, but I thought it turned out really cute regardless.  The kids did a pretty good job picking out a color that was close to their skin color.

So, all in all, a good gleaning from my Pinterest boards...plus some other inspiration, as well.

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