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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Turkey Hats

This week we made turkey hats to wear Friday for our Harvest Party/A - Z Potluck.  Now, I have to admit that this is true craft project, and not my favorite type of art project for the Little People.  Usually I try to stick to the projects where they can create anything they want.  However, these turkey hats are very cute, and the parents love them.  So, I just put them in the "Following Directions" art category while the kids make the faces, and then end up putting together most of the project at home.

I did, however let them choose any color of pom poms they wanted for eyes, and while the parents might wonder at this, I think they turned out wonderfully.

Some of the kids went for brown or white pom pom eyes.  (I added the Sharpie pupils later.)

However, some kids branched out a little bit.  We had "alarmed" orange eyes:

"Stressed out/Been Dipping into the Eggnog" Pink Eyes:

"Have Pink Eye Must Stay Home" Pink and White Eyes:

And mismatched "Turkey Lurkey" eyes:

Ahh, so cute, so parent-pleasing, and yes, still a little bit creative.

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