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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spider Web Report

Well, it seems like ages ago, but we did actually make our spider web treats at school.  Naturally, the kids just loved them.  My original plan was to make enough pretzel web bases for everyone to make one to eat at school and one to take home.  However, it became quickly apparent that this was going to take way too much time.  Plus there was the logistical problems of keeping enough of the white chocolate heated up and ready, which took multiple trips to the microwave, which slowed everything down.  Of course, you don't want to cook the chocolate too much, because then it gets all hard and crusty - kind of like old, dried up toothpaste.  You also have to watch out to make sure that the chocolate is not too hot to hold for the kids, either.  That can also be a deterrent to good web-making.

All in all, we got through it all just fine.  In general, it just reminded me that it's always better to do cooking projects at school when we have all of the teachers free to help, or at least one parent volunteer there.  Because it gets hectic and messy and crazy, but of course the kids are just excited, and they ALL want to make their spiderweb RIGHT NOW, and I feel like I spend most of my time just shooing/ordering them to GO AWAY, that I will call them when I'm ready for them.  Which is not ever very fun - at least not as fun as you would think making chocolate spider webs would be. 

Live and learn, of course.  Here is one of the child-made webs.  (Notice the little spiders drawn onto her fingernails - it was "Spiders on our Hands" Day, as well. 

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