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Saturday, January 7, 2012

But What About the Cupcakes?

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Well, the first week of new preschoolers went pretty well.  I went into it a little doubtful, thinking as a second-time mom does:  How could I love this new batch of preschoolers as much as the last?  But here on Day 5 I am seeing how this might just turn out to be a good class, too.

The week started off with a bang, with the usual general chaos,  very protective parents, and random crying.  I fortunately went into the experience armed with the knowledge that  I gleaned from my  notes about last year's class.  I just kept reminding myself that "They know nothing", and "It's just going to be crazy at the beginning."  And both us those things went right along with my expectations.

It was nice that we had three birthdays to celebrate at the beginning of the year.  We celebrated one on Monday and two on Tuesday.  It was a fun and festive way to start the year, but I knew that it just might mess with how the kids were going to view preschool.  Sure enough, we got to the end of day yesterday and when I announced that it was time to go home, I had at least one very confused and disappointed preschooler on my hands.  "But we didn't have cupcakes yet," she complained.

Ah, yes.  Cupcakes every day would be nice, but sadly, that's not how preschool really is.  And perhaps that's why they were a little more rowdy today - they were mutinous after realizing that this preschool business was not all it had been made out to be.

But I'll bring them around.  Sooner or later.

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