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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well, Winter Fun continues on at school this week.  We’ve done several different Winter activities as the sun shines every day and the temperatures waft up around the mid-sixties.  However, we’re determined to Keep Calm and Winter on, and so we do just that.

One of our activities was to make these name snowmen that I had seen on Pinterest.

Obviously, the idea is for the Little People to write one letter on each “snowball” and then stack them up to make their complete name as a complete Snow Person.   Of course, for people who are just learning to write their names, this can be a daunting task to assign each of these still-foreign letters to any paper, much less one-per-snowball.  However, we managed to make it work just fine.

What we did is to prepare a short sentence strip for each child with small post-it notes on it – one for each letter of their name.  So, for example, Suzie would have a sentence strip with five blank post-it notes lined up on it.  Then, when we sat down with the child, we would write the letters of their name on the post-it notes, talking about what each of their letters were, and how many there were in the name, etc.  After we did that, we attached each post it with its now-written letter to the edge of a paper snowball, so they could copy each letter one at a time.   With very few exceptions, they were all able to copy their letters well, one at a time in the order that they went in.

Later I glued the snowballs together, and then the next day they made their faces and chose their crepe paper scarves.

One of my favorite parts of the activities was when the kids later wandered over to the art table where we had put out different sizes of white circles and started making their own name snowmen:

 Here they are, all lined up on our bulletin board like a little snowman picket fence.

Fun, seasonal, and with a purposeful - an all around good project.

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